Triple Berry Custard

Ingredients: 1 scoop of Soya Life meal replacement drink 1 cup Non-fat Plain Yoghurt 1/2 cup of Mixed Berries (Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries) Mint Leaf to garnish (optional) Directions: Mix yogurt and Soya Life meal replacement in a bowl. Once all…Read More

Strawberry Smoothie

3 tablespoons Soya Life Meal Replacement Powder Half a cup skim milk Half a cup fat free vanilla yoghurt 1 handful of ice cubes 10 strawberries – chopped Add all ingredients into blender and mix together until smooth. The smoothie…Read More

Refreshing Smoothie

Ideal after-sport refresher

Booster Smoothie

Make 3 Servings = 2153kJ; Carbs: 105g; Prot: 10.5g; Fat: 5g  

Breakfast Mood Booster Smoothie

Make 3 Servings = 1771kJ; Carbs: 82.5g; Prot:10.5g; Fat: 5g

High Protein Smoothie

Blend together in a blender/mixer: 1 cup (250ml)       Soya Life Instant Meal Replacement Drink (reconstituted) 1                             Frozen banana ½ cup      …Read More

Cholesterol Lowering Smoothie

Low in saturated (bad) fat; rich in cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre.

Breakfast Smoothie

Ideal for those who rush in the mornings and do not have time to prepare breakfast…    

Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study

Here is a case study for Mrs Smith: Age 62y CKD3a Hypertension Insulin Resistance

Study on Replacing Animal Protein with Vegetable Protein

Eleven obese volunteers took part in a 12-week study during 8 weeks of which 2 meals of their control 1000 kcal diets were replaced by a soya based liquid formula (1 month) or a milk based liquid formula (1 month).