Are diabetics able to eat Soya Life products?

Soya Life Premium Porridge has a glycaemic index (GI) of 49, and glycaemic load (GL) of 11. Most balanced meals have a GL of 20. This means that in the case of controlled diabetics, the following holds –

  • Sticking to recommended portion size.
  • Not more than 10 g of sugar (sucrose) in one sitting. Sucrose has a lower GI than glucose, maltose and amtodextrins (glucose-containing sugars).
  • Mixing product with low-fat or skim milk helps contribute to a lower GI.

Diabetics should always fully discuss anything that they do with their healthcare practitioners.

Do these products contain saturated fats?

The range of products is cholesterol free (i.e. unsaturated fats) which helps drop serum levels of Low-Density Lipo-proteins and Triglycerides, leading to improved heart protection.

What is the status of carbohydrate levels and types in your Breakfast Porridge?

The claims for the Breakfast porridge include High energy, Protein, 6 B Vitamins, and a Source of Iron, Zinc and Dietary Fibre. In a nutshell, the Glycaemic Carbohydrate of which total sugar comprises 27.5g per portion (50g) appears on the Nutritional Information table.

The source of the carbohydrate making up the 27.5g per 50g is as follows-

  • Maize and Fibre 17.5g
  • Additional cane sugar 10g

The product is a high-energy product and the carbohydrate spec is very acceptable.

What are the advantages of having a lactose-free range of products?

Allergy risk is lowered for lactose-intolerant people. At least 5% of children are very allergic to dairy products. In addition, a big advantage for women in particular is that there is less loss of calcium through the kidneys which means a lowered risk of osteoporosis.

Is the soy protein a “complete protein”?

A complete protein contains all of the amino acids. This is true of soy, the only plant-derived protein that can boast of this fact. The benefits of eating complete protein are huge. The immune system benefits significantly because most immune responses involve protein-containing molecules. A strong immune system means well-being and rapid wound healing.

What are isoflavones?

These are a group of anti-oxidants that play a significant role in one’s health. They contribute to an improved cholesterol profile and even prevent tumours from growing.

What are prebiotics?

The micro-flora in your intestine need to be in good health (and in balance with the other bacteria and yeasts that live in your gut) in order for you to digest foodstuffs optimally. Some probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria in your intestine, and the carbohydrates (sugars) that feed them are known as prebiotics. The Soya Life range has several naturally occurring prebiotics like Raffinose and Stachyose that helps boost immunity and a healthy gut.