About Us

In the 1990s, Specialised Protein Products were commissioned to produce soya based foodstuffs, most notably Soya Life Health Drink (now called Soya Life Instant Meal Replacement Drink) and Soya Life Porridge (now called Soya Life Premium Instant Maize and Soya Porridge).

The intention was to supply nutritional needs to the military, malnourished and immune compromised.

The need was for a foodstuff that would be tasty, affordable and supply balanced nutrition – a so called functional food to meet as many needs as possible. Soy has been making a comeback as a superfood. The soy bean contains the complete protein, as well as carbohydrates, oils (unsaturated fats), antioxidants (Isoflavones) and minerals and vitamins.

A superfood indeed! Soya protein has also been clinically tested and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the U.S.A.) concluded that there was a clinically significant decrease in total and LDL-cholesterol in the controlled trials that used at least 25g of soya protein per day.

These fine Soya Life products are in the health section of Dischem stores and selected leading retail pharmacies countrywide.