Mango Banana Soy Smoothie

This simple smoothie recipe brings together soy and tropical fruit with mouthwatering results.


The Simple Truth

This is part 2 in our new series on plant-based lifestyles.  FACT: Many high fat, high sugar, salty, refined foods do taste good! The simple truth: In the bigger picture, these foods do have a place….. what is a family function without that traditional trifle, for instance? And that is exactly it: eaten now and then (not daily or even weekly!) these foods are fine and not damaging to the body.

Rethink the foods you like!

Soya Life proudly presents you with a series on plant-based lifestyles. Ask yourself the following question: WHAT is/are your favourite food / foods? And a second question: WHY are these your favourite foods?

Vegetarian Entertaining in The Holiday Season

Vegetarian Entertaining in The Holiday Season

 2 rules when entertaining:

  1. Feed delicious food (and drink) to your guests

  2. Enjoy yourself!


PRE-SPORT Health Smoothie

Have 1 hour pre-workout

Blend together in a blender/mixer:

1 cup (250ml)  Soy Milk

1 peeled, chopped apple                                                                             

1 large peeled, chopped carrot                                                                                      

½ cup frozen berries (any kind)                                                                             

2 scoops (20g) Soya Life porridge                                                                

1Tbs (15ml)  raw Oat Bran                                                                                

1 ½ cups ice

Kidney Bean Salad

This delicious recipe serves 4 as a side dish

Chicken-Style Mayo Sammie

  • Serves 2
  • Cooking time 10 minutes
  • Vegan

Tofu Tikka Masala

Tofu is traditionally used a lot in East Asian and Southeast Asian dishes. It can be soft, firm or extra firm. It has 76 calories; <5g fat; and 8g protein per 100g.


Nut Roast

Meat-/poultry-free and done in the oven!


Buttermilk Rusks

Yummy Buttermilk Rusks for you to make at home and enjoy with your favourite cuppa!