Soya in Teens’ Diets: For Health, Energy And Growth!

Teenagers have very specific nutritional requirements, as they are in a phase of life-cycle of intense growth and bodily development.

  • Hormonal changes are taking place, ultimately preparing their bodies for adulthood.
  • In addition, peer pressures often result in poor eating patterns and choices at this vital stage of their lives.
  • Popular magazines and social media promote fad dieting, extreme dieting, and provide much misinformation about foods, food groups, and meal planning.
  • Junk foods traditionally form a large part of many teens’ diets.
  • Many teens are involved in a wide variety of different sports, ranging from casual sport, to intense school team sport; as well as other activities such as dancing.
  • Teens are usually very body-conscious, and become more self-aware: a good time of life to learn GOOD lifestyle habits including regular exercise, correct eating, and obtaining sufficient sleep.

Soya products can play a vital role in each these aspects of a teen’s life, with ensured benefits to health both immediately and long-term.

Low GI

The type of carbohydrate found in soya products is LOW GI: meaning that it provides sustained, consistent energy, after consumption.

This results in immediate benefits of:

  • Good concentration levels in the classroom
  • Less moodiness and irritability
  • Improved ability to “go the extra mile” in sport and training
  • Prevention of obesity and overweight (due to a feeling of fullness after a small quantity of a soya-based meal / snack, and thus less snacking on junk foods)

High in fibre

The fibre content of soya foods is excellent for prevention of colon disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.

Rich in essential fatty acids

DHA, an important polyunsaturated fat (omega-3), has proven benefits to the health of teens, specifically with respect to brain health and eye health. Soya foods, particularly those consisting of the soya bean, and not just a soya extract, are rich in essential fatty acids.

Good quality protein

All 8 essential amino acids are present in soya protein, making it a complete protein. Protein in sufficient quantities is essential in a teenager’s diet for the intense growth and development that must take place.

Those teen’s doing intense exercise have increased needs for protein, and therefore quick, easy-to prepare soya protein-based foods, such as the Soya Life porridge and meal replacement shake, are ideal in providing additional meals and snacks.


Teens involved in a lot of sporting activity, such as swimming, rugby, hockey, cricket, dancing, netball and running, will benefit from the use of soya based meals (e.g. Soya Life porridge used early morning before a training session), and soya drinks (e.g. Soya Life Instant Meal Replacement Drink as a supplement to their school lunch after school before afternoon sport) to ensure sustained energy, endurance and improved performance during the sport.

Exam stress!

On exam and test days, use of a supplementary soya drink (e.g. Soya Life Meal Replacement Drink) together with breakfast will ensure improved concentration and energy levels during the exam and less extreme fatigue afterwards.

Ensure that your teenager is aware of the value of soya in his / her daily diet:

  • Suggest Soya porridge as a tasty AND healthy alternative to the highly-sugared, refined and high GI cereals on the market currently.
  • Pack in a serving of a Soya Life Meal Replacement Shake as an addition / replacement to their school lunches on busy extra-mural / sports days.
  • Use soya milk as a good low fat, calcium-enriched substitute for cow’s milk.

By including soya-based foods in a teenager’s DAILY diet, one can be ensured that they will be eating a balanced diet that is healthy.

Choose from the soya life range to provide tasty, healthy alternatives in your children’s diets

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