Soya in Kids’ Diets (1 – 12 years): A Useful and Tasty Protein Alternative

An important review article (2013) showed that if one is exposed to soy foods early on in life, the beneficial health effects from soy foods will manifest itself in later life.

This is probably as result of gut flora colonizing the intestine during childhood as a result of continuous exposure to soy (which contains prebiotics that “feed” probiotics in the gut), producing long-term health benefits.

Long-term health benefits achieved by inclusion of Soya in daily diets include inter-alia:

  • Cancer prevention (especially breast, endometrial, gastro-intestinal and colon cancers)
  • Cardio (heart) –protective
  • Good for colon health
  • Diabetes prevention and treatment

Immediate benefits to toddlers and children, of including soya-based foods in their diets:

  • Soya is Low GI meaning that it is digested slowly to glucose, providing a slow, yet steady release of glucose into the blood stream sustaining blood sugar (glucose) and thus energy levels, giving rise to specific benefits such as:
    • Improvement in concentration in class
    • Less behavioural problems
    • Prevention of overweight and obesity
    • Improved outcomes in sport and exercise
    • Improvement in immunity and less illness


  • Soya Life’s soya-based products are also useful on “sick” days where the child has a reduced appetite. The Soya Life porridge is a tasty, easy-to-digest porridge which provides an easy (minimal sugar, balanced) breakfast, while the Soya Life Instant Meal Replacement Drink provides a suitable balanced meal with the added benefit of taking in immune-boosting vitamins and anti-oxidants.


  • Malnutrition: children suffering from protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) will benefit from using the Soy Life Premium Porridge, which is high in protein, and is vitamin and mineral fortified, easily digested, and optimally absorbed.


  • Fussy eaters can have the Soya Life porridge / drink as a meal replacement, thus ensuring a balanced meal.


  • Hyper-active (ADD and ADHD) kids will benefit from the use of soya at breakfast and snacks, due to its blood-glucose-stabilizing effect (Low GI), resulting in improved concentration levels, general behaviour and sleep patterns.


  • Kids involved in a lot of sporting activities will benefit from the use of soya-based products, as the low GI carbohydrate plus complete amino-acid profile (providing a complete protein of high biological value) present in these foods offer benefits in terms of improved endurance and optimized performance, when these foods are used prior to sporting activities.  The Soya Life range of products offer easy-to-prepare meals / meal replacements, useful when time is limited in getting ready for sporting activities (e.g. afternoon sport at school takes place soon after school is finished for the day; or kids participating in early-morning “fitness training” often don’t allow adequate time for breakfast).

Choose from the soya life range to provide tasty, healthy alternatives in your children’s diets:

  • Soya Life Meal Replacement Shake
  • Soya Life Breakfast Porridge
  • Soya Life Premium Porridge
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