The Nutritional Benefits of Soya for School Children

The Nutritional Benefits of Soya for School Children

Where does SOYA fit into the diet of school children?


Did you know that… SOYA…

  • IS a COMPLETE PROTEIN and has all the essential amino acids in amounts needed for human health
  • Contains “healthy” FATS like essential fatty acids, phospholipids, natural sterols
  • Contains VITAMINS including folic acid
  • Contains MINERALS including calcium and iron
  • Is a PREBIOTIC and is good for COLON health
  • Is rich in FIBRE
  • Contains ISOFLAVONES providing protective effects in the human body


  • Treatment of UNDERNUTRITION
  • Treatment of OBESITY

SCHOOLS NEED TO teach children about SOYA (school curricula)

The School Nutrition Intervention Program in SA is now including SOYA PRODUCTS as a cost-effective and incredibly nutritious food choice.


Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers:

Start introduction of soy from a young age


Planta Medica: May 2013 (observational study)

“ …the timing of exposure (to soy isoflavones) is one of the most important determinants of beneficial health effects from soy foods….”

“most likely the result of gut microbiota, which colonize the intestine during childhood and facilitates the hydrolysis of glycosides and the formation of equol from dadzein, a pathway that may result in beneficial health effects.”

Children and Teens:

  • Growth: prevention of stunting in malnourished groups; encouragement of normal growth in adequately nourished groups
  • Protection from illness; improved immunity
  • EFAs – brain development
  • Low GI for improved concentration
  • Low GI=greater satiety, thus less obesity
  • Useful food in all sport and exercise
  • Treatment of ADD / ADHD

Soya – based products in SPORT:

  • Use any Soya-based drink or food pre-training / event:
    • Improves performance and endurance
  • Also use post-training / event:
    • Prolongs protein synthesis in skeletal muscle

Soya Life Breakfast Porridge and Premium Porridge offers a very effective, and cost-effective way of introducing SOY into diets, and can be successfully incorporated into school feeding programmes, and other feeding schemes. It is of very acceptable taste, and has a long shelf life, and as such is easy to introduce into daily diets.

These products are:

  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • Time saving
  • Tasty
  • Nutritious

Soya Life porridges

  • Breakfast Porridge – high protein, fibre enriched, 33% NRV vitamins & minerals
  • Premium Porridge – additional fibre, 50% NRV vitamins & minerals

Made from precooked soya, soya fibre, maize meal, small amounts of sugar and salt, & a vitamin-mineral premix

  • INSTANT: mix with water / milk
  • Low GI = improved satiety = “lasts longer”
  • HIGH in PROTEIN (gives growing children ⅓ – ¼ of their daily protein requirement in 1 serving)
  • Suggested use in School Nutrition Intervention Program

Soya Life Instant Meal Replacement Drink

  • Balanced meal replacement; fibre enriched
  • Used in sport; busy lifestyles



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