Plant-Based Diet in the Treatment and Prevention of Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease of the blood vessels. If one’s blood sugars are too high too often, one’s blood vessels become damaged and inflamed – putting one at high risk for heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, amputation, and infections. Having…Read More

A Good Diet Boosts the Immune System

“I feel so much cleaner, as if all my organs are working better!” a friend boasted to me after a year on a plant-based diet. It is true that one’s body responds positively over time when following a properly balanced…Read More

How to Change to Plant-Based Eating

How do you change over from your current way of eating to plant-based? Here are some simple tips to follow: Use the Traffic Light model developed by Dr Greger — and detailed in his book “How Not to Die”. Remember…Read More

Proof of Plant-Based Benefits

Research on a Plant-based diet and disease Food can change our lives

A Diet to Promote Health and Longevity

While the concept of plant-based eating is not a new one, it is often misunderstood.  We hope to show you that this way of eating is healthy, easy, fun, sustainable and cheap! As the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic hit…Read More

Slim Without Starving

The arrival of warmer weather means that many of us have set our sights on losing weight. The good news is that it is possible – and much healthier – to slim down without starving yourself! Misinformation abounds in the…Read More

Assess Your Body Weight

Are you underweight? Overweight? Obese? If you’re not sure, then this article will assist with the assessment of your weight and how much body fat is healthy, along with how being overweight can cause certain lifestyle diseases.

Kidney Bean Salad

This delicious recipe serves 4 as a side dish

Love Your Legumes

So, you have beans and lentils in your grocery cupboard or shopping basket: now what???

Managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Part 3

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet in Treating CFS