Soy Granola Bars

Scrumptious Soy Granola Bars

The Value of Soya for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition of “porous bones”, whereby the density and quality of skeletal bones is reduced. This results in a weakness of skeleton and an increased risk of fractures. Women are ten times more likely to suffer from osteoporosis…Read More

Soya Life and Lifestyle Disease Benefits

The Soya Life Team has shared with you many of the numerous benefits SOYA has, as a SUPERFOOD, both in the prevention of and in the treatment of lifestyle diseases. A Superfood or Functional Food can be defined as: “a food…Read More

Planning Soya into a balanced diet: Part 2

Use foods that have a Low Glycaemic Index (low GI) The GI refers to CARBOHYDRATE FOODS and is an indication of the RATE at which a specific carbohydrate food affects blood glucose levels after eating that food, compared with pure…Read More

Planning Soya into a balanced diet: Part 1

What constitutes a “balanced diet”? The principles of eating a balanced diet are simple, and designed to assist all people in achieving healthy lifestyles with guaranteed benefits for better health.

Soybean Oil Health Claim

In 2017 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized a new Qualified Health Claim (QHC) for soybean oil and certain foods made from it, as follows:

Soya in Teens’ Diets: For Health, Energy And Growth!

Teenagers have very specific nutritional requirements, as they are in a phase of life-cycle of intense growth and bodily development.

Soya in Kids’ Diets (1 – 12 years): A Useful and Tasty Protein Alternative

An important review article (2013) showed that if one is exposed to soy foods early on in life, the beneficial health effects from soy foods will manifest itself in later life.

Heart-Healthy Diet Tips

Basic dietary and lifestyle guidelines for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease

Heart Disease and Contributing Dietary Factors

Cardiovascular disease is rife in South Africa, with more than 200 people dying per day because of some form of heart and blood vessel disease.