The Benefits of Soy in the Daily Diets of Men

Healthy men using SOY in daily diets derive proven health benefits.

In addition, knowing that soy protein isolates are a complete protein, and also that it is generally recommended by Dietetic Associations across the globe that one should be eating more plant-based proteins, it is thus pertinent to look at ways and means of including soya in the daily diets of men.

Busy Lifestyles:
 Leaving early for work (no time for breakfast)
 Work meetings over lunch-times
 “on the road” jobs that involve a lot of travelling
1. Soya Life Breakfast Porridge as an instant low GI* meal: mix 50g = 5 scoops with water / low fat milk, and stir.
2. Soya Life Instant Meal replacement Drink: as a meal replacement** for either Breakfast / Lunch
OR in a shaker for those on the road a lot.
This can also be made into a delicious smoothie.
Post-workout consumption of iso-nitrogenous and iso-energetic soy drink has been found to be statistically significant in increasing muscle mass, fat-bone free mass (FBFM) and increases in strength
Soya Life Instant Meal Replacement Drink either as a pre-workout low GI* sport’s supplement
And/or as a post-workout supplement to enhance muscle recovery and repair.

*A note on the GI

Use foods that have a Low Glycaemic Index (low GI)

The GI refers to CARBOHYDRATE FOODS and is an indication of the RATE at which a specific carbohydrate food affects blood glucose levels after eating that food, compared with pure glucose.

  • High GI foods are digested and absorbed faster than Low GI foods, causing a spiking of blood glucose levels, with a subsequent rapid “dumping” of blood glucose levels within an hour or two after eating these foods. Symptoms of chronic fatigue, a sudden tiredness after eating, headaches, dizziness, irritability, mood swings, panic attacks and cravings for “junk foods” often results.
  • Low GI foods on the other hand, are digested and absorbed slowly and steadily, providing a slow controlled release of glucose into the blood stream, resulting in sustained energy levels with numerous health advantages (prevention of diabetes, weight loss, reduction of cholesterol levels, and prevention of heart disease and inflammatory diseases to name but a few).
High GI Foods: AVOIDLow GI Foods: USE 5-6x/day
White, brown, refined-flour breadsMultigrain, dense breads, “Low GI” breads (including 100% rye bread)
White cracker breadsProvitas, dark Ryvita, Finn Crisps
Refined breakfast cereals and porridges (incl. maize-meal)Soya Life porridge, oats, low fat muesli with lots of seeds, nuts, dried fruit, Whole-wheat ProNutro, High Fibre Bran
Sport’s and energy drinks (unless actually DOING prolonged and strenuous exercise)Low GI Sport’s drinks, Soya Life Drink
Sugared cold drinks, Fruit JuiceWATER, Diet cold drinks (1/day max), sugar-free squashes, diluted fruit juice (1 part juice: 2-4 parts water)
Cakes, pastries, biscuits, pies, sweets, crispsLow GI low fat bran muffins, popcorn, low GI low fat bars
Vegetables: 5 portions a day
Excessive amounts of dried fruit (i.e. >30g) Fruits: 3-5 portions a day Fruits: 3-5 portions a day
Beans and legumes: canned / dried / fresh (including SOYA BEANS, baked beans, butter beans, lentils, chickpeas, split peas)
Cow’s milk: low fat / skim
Soya Life Milk, Soya Life Drink
Yoghurt: low fat / fat-free; sugar-free

A note on the Glycaemic Load (GL) of foods:

The GL refers to a specific food portion size and how big a glucose load the body has to deal with, to keep blood glucose levels within normal limits.

Too much of a low GI food will thus also spike blood glucose levels due to there being a high GL.

A high GL of a meal OR a total high GL of a day’s food intake can put one at risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer, especially in overweight and insulin resistant individuals.

In other words: eat SMALL portions of low GI foods at each meal / snack, to keep both the GI AND the GL low, for optimal health benefits. 

Goal GL for a meal = <25               Goal GL for a snack = < 15

SOYA has a very low GI, and when eaten in portions of 1 cup (250ml) or less at a time, has a very low GL (approx. 16 for the Soya Life porridge, 11 for the Soya Life Drink, and 3 for the Soya Life Milk).

**Meal replacements

Some good tips when choosing a meal replacement drink / shake:

  • Use for no more than 2 meals/day OR 1 meal + 1 snack
  • It must contain at least 650kJ
  • It must have a balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  • It should have a low glycaemic index
  • Use for meals that cause you the most trouble
  • Mix and match so you don’t get bored (use as a smoothie / swop meals)
  • Use fresh fruit for snacks
  • To lose weight make your traditional meal well-balanced

SOYA LIFE INSTANT MEAL REPLACEMENT DRINK fulfils ALL of the above criteria, making it a suitable meal replacement for 1-2 meals/day in busy lifestyles and/or weight-loss programs.



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