Planning Soya into a balanced diet: Part 2

Use foods that have a Low Glycaemic Index (low GI)

The GI refers to CARBOHYDRATE FOODS and is an indication of the RATE at which a specific carbohydrate food affects blood glucose levels after eating that food, compared with pure glucose.

High GI foods

High GI foods are digested and absorbed faster than Low GI foods, causing a spiking of blood glucose levels, with a subsequent rapid “dumping” of blood glucose levels within an hour or two after eating these foods.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue, a sudden tiredness after eating, headaches, dizziness, irritability, mood swings, panic attacks and cravings for “junk foods” often results.

Low GI foods

Low GI foods on the other hand, are digested and absorbed slowly and steadily, providing a slow controlled release of glucose into the blood stream, resulting in sustained energy levels with numerous health advantages (prevention of diabetes, weight loss, reduction of cholesterol levels, and prevention of heart disease and inflammatory diseases to name but a few).

High GI Foods: AVOIDLow GI Foods: USE 5-6x/day
White, brown, refined-flour breadsMultigrain, dense breads, “Low GI” breads (including 100% rye bread)
White cracker breadsRefined breakfast cereals and porridges (incl. maize-meal) Provitas, dark Ryvita, Finn CrispsSoya Life porridge, oats, low fat muesli with lots of seeds, nuts dried fruit, Whole wheat ProNutro, High Fibre Bran
Sport’s and energy drinks (unless actually DOING prolonged strenuous exercise)Low GI Sport’s drinks, Soya Life Drink
Sugared cold drinksFruit JuiceWATER, Diet cold drinks (1/day max), sugar free squashes, diluted fruit juice (1 part juice: 2-4 part water)
Cakes, pastries, biscuits, pies, sweets, crispsLow GI low fat bran muffins, popcorn, low GI low fat bars
Vegetables: 5 portions a day
Excessive amounts of dried fruit(i.e. >30g) Fruits: 3-5 portions a day
Beans and legumes: canned / dried / fresh (including SOYA BEANS, baked beans, butter beans, lentils, chickpeas, split peas)
Cow’s milk: low fat / skimSoya Life Milk, Soya Life DrinkYoghurt: low fat / fat-free; sugar-free

A note on the Glycaemic Load (GL) of foods:

The GL refers to a specific food portion size and how big a glucose load the body has to deal with, to keep blood glucose levels within normal limits.

Too much of a low GI food will thus also spike blood glucose levels due to there being a high GL.

A high GL of a meal OR a total high GL of a day’s food intake can put one at risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer, especially in overweight and insulin resistant individuals.

In other words: eat SMALL portions of low GI foods at each meal / snack, to keep both the GI AND the GL low, for optimal health benefits. 

Goal GL for a meal = <25 Goal GL for a snack = < 15

SOYA has a very low GI, and when eaten in portions of 1 cup (250ml) or less at a time, has a very low GL (approx. 16 for the Soya Life porridge, 11 for the Soya Life Drink, and 3 for the Soya Life Milk).

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