Sishen’s Biggest Loser Winner 2014

Dieticians At Work ran Sishen’s Biggest Loser this year at Sishen Iron Ore Mine in Kathu (Northern Cape) from June-October.
This weight loss challenge saw 40 contestants (mostly miners) take part to see who would be Sishen’s Biggest Loser.

The overall WINNER of the Biggest Loser 2014 was BRICKS (Mthembeni) JACA with a weight loss of 23kg (18.4% of his total initial weight lost): WELL DONE BRICKS!!! Bricks received an Orbitrek as his big prize!

Soya Life sponsored the porridge on 2 occasions during the 5-month campaign: enough for all 40 contestants to have a 1kg box twice. This they incorporated into their daily Eating Plans as a very appropriate (balanced, healthy, Low GI option) breakfast / meal replacement. Those that liked the S-Life porridge used this as a pre-shift option every day.

The porridge proved to have a positive effect in the weight-loss program for shift workers, due to its Low GI property (sustaining blood glucose levels and thus improving satiety, i.e. preventing blood glucose dips which can cause one to snack/binge on junk foods!). This porridge can also play a huge role in fatigue management (a real issue in the mining environment) – preventing energy slumps, and potential injury on duty.