Vervet Monkey Foundation – Even monkeys enjoy Soya Life!

We use Soya Life porridge for our geriatric monkeys

Testimonial: Vuyokazi Malimba

I cannot start a day without a Soya life Premium porridge.

Testimonial: Emma King

I started using Soya Life after I was told to drop dairy, wheat and gluten as a result of a medical condition I have. The Instant Meal Replacement Drink is amazing

Testimonial: Adil Patel

Soya Life is a very good product, we use it all the time. My family loves it.


We received a wonderful compliment from Jenny who had this to say about the Soya Life Instant Meal Replacement drink: “I just want to compliment your product.

Soya Life Porridge for Richmond Outdoor Adventure

Soya Life recently sponsored Soya Life Porridge for the riders and runners of the Richmond Outdoor Adventure.  By all accounts, everyone enjoyed the porridge, and we received this thank you note from the event management team.