Plant-Based Living

How to Change to Plant-Based Eating

How do you change over from your current way of eating to plant-based? Here are some simple tips to follow: Use the Traffic Light model developed by Dr Greger — and detailed in his book “How Not to Die”. Remember…Read More

Proof of Plant-Based Benefits

Research on a Plant-based diet and disease Food can change our lives

A Diet to Promote Health and Longevity

While the concept of plant-based eating is not a new one, it is often misunderstood.  We hope to show you that this way of eating is healthy, easy, fun, sustainable and cheap! As the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic hit…Read More

Love Your Legumes

So, you have beans and lentils in your grocery cupboard or shopping basket: now what???

The Budget-Friendly Vegetarian

Are you following a plant-based diet and think that one needs to use many expensive ingredients in order to balance out the diet? … Not necessarily!

Can Older Adults and The Elderly Follow Vegetarian/Vegan Diets?

The more senior members of our population (>70 years), due to various reasons, can be at increased risk of a variety of health issues.

The Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Vegetarian: Meeting Nutritional Needs

Due to being vegetarian, pregnant vegetarians generally tend to eat less protein (and yet are not likely to be protein-deficient) and more carbohydrates than pregnant non-vegetarians.  As such, a vegetarian diet in pregnancy is not considered to be inadequate.

Vegetarian Entertaining in The Holiday Season

 2 rules when entertaining: Feed delicious food (and drink) to your guests Enjoy yourself!

Food Allergies and Food Intolerances: Being Vegetarian/Vegan Can Be Your Answer!

Adverse Reactions to Food It is important to understand if you have a Food Allergy OR a Food Intolerance.

Can Vegetarian Diets Meet the Needs of Athletes?

“PROTEIN!!”they all shout! – “How can a vegetarian athlete be consuming enough protein?” In the Position Statements of the American and Canadian Dietetic Associations it describes clearly that vegetarian diets can indeed meet the needs of both recreational and competitive…Read More