Hypertension: Soya Plays a Role

The International Journal of Epidemiology published a shocking finding that: “South Africa has the highest rate of high blood pressure reported among people aged 50 and over for any country in the world, at any time in history.

Cholesterol-Lowering Eating: A Case Study

In this case study, we explore the goals of a Cholesterol Patient, and the dietary changes required to achieve these goals, including Food Lists and Menu.

Soya and Cholesterol: Cholesterol-Lowering Eating

Soy foods may help to prevent heart disease by reducing total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, blood pressure and possibly preventing plaque build-up in the arteries (atherosclerosis). 

Oestrogen Metabolism Part 2: Hormone-Driven Cancers

DIETARY changes and the addition of specific nutritional supplements CAN benefit oestrogen metabolism, and as such reduce the risk and incidence of all diseases and conditions in which these oestrogen hormones play a role.

Menopause: Definitions and Dietary Tips

THE DEFINITION OF MENOPAUSE “Menopause is one of the most loaded words in a woman’s vocabulary, conjuring up, as it does, visions of a neurotic, dried-up, rapidly ageing woman struggling with uncontrollable hot flushes, a spreading waistline, mood swings, brittle…Read More

Oestrogen Metabolism Part 1: Understanding the Basics

OESTROGEN is a broad term for the group of female hormones. The most potent of these hormones is estradiol.  Two less powerful yet equally important ones include estrone and estriol.

Diet for ADHD/ADD in Children: A Case Study

This case study is based on Dylan, an 8 year old young boy diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD and ADD in Children: Where does Soya fit in with dietary treatment

ADHD: WHAT IS HYPERACTIVITY? Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder commonly called “hyperactivity” is a clinical diagnosis based on specific criteria.

Soya in Colon Health: Severe Colon Disorders

In this article we look at the Advantage of Soya Products in the Daily Dietary Regime of the following severe colon disorders: Coeliac Disease Diverticulitis Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Soya in Colon Health: General Colon Health

Considering that the colon is the barrier between the outside world and the inside of our bodies, it is important to understand the role of specific nutrients in enhancing optimal colon function and in the prevention of colon disorders.

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